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Israel discovered corona vaccine? Testing on humans will be done by June

Israel has joined the countries of the world which are showing a ray of hope in the war against covid-19. Actually the Two Israeli companies claim to have found effective vaccines for the prevention of covid-19. Also it expected that by June it will be tested on humans. If the experiment is successful, the world will be getting a great gift from Israel, fighting the war against Corona.
India and Israel are sharing information about various aspects related to treatment. Israel claims that it will defeat Corona soon with its technology. At the same time, India hopes that Israel and India together will find a way to defeat covid-19. India will acquire technology from Israel if the experiment is successful.
The Israeli company has also designed a cheaper ventilator. There is talk of sharing its design. A speaking ventilator has also been prepared. Through the app, people living in remote areas have also been linked to testing. The Israeli model is greatly appreciated.
Israel is willing to share medical and research related things with India. India is in touch with many other countries regarding the treatment of covid-19. It was decided at the G20 meeting that all countries would share information so that global efforts to prevent corona could be successful.
Indo-US Science and Technology Forum invited proposal for covid-19 Indo-US virtual network. This proposal will provide financial and other support to Indian and American scientists and engineers in research related to covid-19 at present. This will allow joint research activities to be carried out through a virtual mechanism.

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